If you’re looking for a big-ticket item this holiday (or simply want some retail daydream fodder), look no further than our luxe shopping guide. From a travel case that’s quite possibly more fantasy-inducing than the jewels we’d store inside it to a pair of velvet flats that could tempt any heel addict to ditch her […]

Instead of purchasing an expensive Halloween costume this year, we suggest you stretch out those DIY fingers and make your own. To help you get inspired, we teamed up with Holy Tee designer Michelle Zacks – purveyor of the most incredibly soft tees, skirts, and dresses you can imagine – to make our very own […]

Hailee Steinfeld seems to have zero trouble when it comes to accessorizing; she’s an avid wearer of chokers and even stacked her bracelets while celebrating Swarovski’s signature Crystaldust Collection. But one piece of jewelry we rarely see on the star? Earrings, since Hailee still doesn’t have her ears pierced. “I’ve worn clip-ons before to events, […]

Fashion bloggers can be dangerous. Over half of your Instagram feed is filled with their photos, and it often feels like you can’t escape them. But you have your chance! You can get out now. Ahead, 24 reasons to tap unfollow before it’s too late . . . Related:Know Once and For All What Your […]

The relationship between fashion and politics can seem pretty trivial at first: what someone wears or doesn’t wear shouldn’t influence your vote – where you stand on larger issues should. But clothes can get people talking, and that’s exactly what Rebecca Minkoff and America Ferrera aimed to do when they collaborated on a t-shirt that […]

We’re firmly of the mind that it’s never too soon to start holiday shopping for all the loved ones on our lists – or dropping hints of our own. So, we hit the racks in search of the best fashion gifts out there, at every price point. Inside you’ll find 50 covet-worthy gifts – a […]

When your buddies NAS and Jay Sean perform at your wedding, you know you can expect a good playlist. But stylish party outfits? Well, that was up to the bride, Hayley Murthy, to master. Hayley and Dee held a gorgeous ceremony at Bacara Resort & Spa, gathering all their friends for the occasion. But that […]