If you’ve ever had any hesitation to wear your pajamas out in public, Selena Gomez will convince you to put those qualms to rest once and for all. The singer was spotted on the streets of New York City sporting a silky Olivia von Halle sleep shirt as a dress, and honestly, we’re so into […]

ASOS is teaming up with your favorite Japanese cartoon character, Hello Kitty, for a chic holiday collection that’ll transport you straight back to your childhood days. But don’t worry – it’s not juvenile in the least, as every item from the collaboration is made for grown-ass women who want to show their love for the […]

Coming up with an idea for a Halloween costume is hard enough and finding ones that you can wear long after the spooky celebrations are over seems next to impossible . . . or so we thought. While looking at what Urban Outfitters had to offer, we realized that there were many wardrobe staples that […]

Gigi and Kendall – along with the whole model pack – don’t only have a knack for creating the perfect street style outfits. These girls can put together a Halloween costume with ease. They take the most expected characters, like a vampire or schoolgirl, to the next level, adding stylish little twists you might not […]

Believe it or not, Halloween‘s coming up. And while many may spend hours prepping and picking out their costumes, you, on the other hand, are looking for something simple. Something quick. Something that’ll still turn heads, but can preferably be made with items you already own. Well, you’re in luck: ahead we’ve rounded up 20 […]

As a shopping editor, my job is curate fashion roundups of the newest and hottest trends. Even when I’m off work, it doesn’t stop. I might pop into a few stores on the way home, or spend my night checking out what bloggers are wearing on Instagram. Either way, I can say I’m totally addicted […]

We often turn to flats as a comfortable shoe choice, but not all pairs are made the same. Those of us who have sensitive feet understand the importance of padded soles and arch supports. Having that kind of added comfort in your shoes can make all the difference, especially when it comes to your commute […]