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These Vintage HIMYM Photos Remind Us How Young We All Used to Be

How I Met Your Mother is coming to an end tonight, and to both celebrate and mourn the loss of such a fantastic show, we’re taking a walk down memory lane. The hit comedy has been on the air for nine seasons, featuring crazy stunts, amazing running gags and jokes, and, most of all, heartwarming […]

A Seasonal Eater’s Guide to Spring Produce

A Seasonal Eater’s Guide to Spring Produce comments via POPSUGAR Fashion

Bridal Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Have on Your Wedding Day

You’ve spent months planning your wedding, and now the big day is finally here. The guests are en route, your bridal party is getting ready for photographs – and then the unthinkable happens. You get a blister, you get a stain, or even worse, you need to change your shoes! To prevent any fashion blunder […]

Beauty Brands Your Great-Grandmother Loved and You Should, Too

One of the best parts about being a little girl is sitting at your mother’s vanity and staring at all the pretty products: perfume, powder puffs, and creams all encased in gorgeous jars. Well, get ready for your daily dose of nostalgia, because these iconic beauty brands were likely favorites of your great-great-grandmother (some are […]

21 Signs You’re a Stage-5 Clinger

Nothing’s scarier in the dating world than a stage-five clinger. You know, the insecure type who just won’t leave her crush alone or takes his feelings about his ex to the extreme. We’re breaking down the red-flag signs that you may need to lay off – or that you have a creeper on your hands. […]

Darth Vader Could Lead Ukraine to the Dark Side

Darth Vader Could Lead Ukraine to the Dark Side comments via POPSUGAR Fashion

Detox For Spring With a Quick Watercress Soup

For a seasonal, detoxifying recipe full of flavor, try a pot of this watercress soup. This peppery, flavorful green is high in vitamins A and C, iron, and fiber, all essential nutrients when you’re looking to reboot your system. This is a perfect recipe for anyone who is tired of one pureed soup after another, […]