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The Evolution of the Cell Phone – How Far It’s Come!

In April 1973, Motorola engineer Marty Cooper made the first call from a “real handheld portable cell phone,” a point he made very clear during that historic conversation with Joel Engel, the head of rival research firm Bell Labs. Fast forward to June 29, 2007, and the iPhone was born. Now in 2014, innovation is […]

A History of True Blood’s Weirdest and Hottest Hookups

This week on True Blood, there’s not a lot of exciting plot development, but there is an exciting opening scene when Eric and Jason hook up. It’s apropos of nothing (it’s just a fantasy) other than these two characters are superhot and have never hooked up before. It seems like the show is trying to […]

The ’90s Are Back at Glastonbury

The ’90s Are Back at Glastonbury comments via POPSUGAR Fashion

Guess Who Might Be Stopping by Better Call Saul

Guess Who Might Be Stopping by Better Call Saul comments via POPSUGAR Fashion

Olivia Palermo Is Making Wedding Day Ponytails Happen

Ponytails may be an unexpected look for a blushing bride, but after spotting Olivia Palermo’s elegant wedding day updo, we couldn’t help but ask: is this understated style destined to be the hot new way to wear your hair down the aisle? If you are a bride who is looking for something a bit more […]

My Hinge Date Thought Milk Was an Aphrodisiac . . .

Another day, another online-dating experience. One editor already shared her Tinder nightmare, so this next amusing adventure comes courtesy of Hinge. From what I’ve heard, Hinge is very Tinder-esque – I haven’t been on Tinder, so I can only go by what others have said. Every day at noon, you get a batch of eligible […]

Some Thoughts on Fingering

Some Thoughts on Fingering comments via POPSUGAR Fashion