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17 Times Miley Cyrus Totally Forgot a Piece of Clothing

Sure, she’s just being Miley – but Miley Cyrus is never really flying under the radar. Thanks to an edgy transformation from sweet Disney star to jaw-dropping performer, she’s generated a lot of controversy, in large part because of her body-flaunting wardrobe. In fact, after careful study, it seems there are few times that Miley’s […]

The 9 Most Ridiculous Items on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Holiday Gift List

Consider it the holiday gift list to end all lists. Gwyneth Paltrow‘s Goop Gift Guide has arrived, and it’s every bit as over the top as we imagined. Still, there are a few pieces that had us really scratching our heads. From the exorbitantly expensive to the just plain confuzzling (a $2,000 safety pin earring, […]

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

If we lived by Carrie Bradshaw’s rules, then we could never have too many shoes. Sometimes, we think that may be the case. However, we don’t have the budget (or closet space for that matter) to jump on every single trend. To make your wardrobe planning a little easier, we’ve zeroed in on the 10 […]

24 Gifts Every 20-Something Will Love

Shopping for a 20-something can seem like a daunting task. She has great style, but she isn’t always practical, and she probably can’t afford everything she wants. Plus, she’s picky, especially when it comes to fashion. Don’t get too intimidated; picking out gifts she’ll love is actually simpler than you think. A 20-something girl needs […]

26 Fancy Flats to Get You Through the Holiday Season in Style

When it comes to holiday outfits, we definitely like to get a little dressy. But when your big plans involve sitting around someone’s house, cooking, or entertaining, the thought of sporting pointed-toe pumps over a comfier option becomes a lot less appealing. So who said you have to wear heels? We rounded up the footwear […]

Kim Kardashian Konfirms It: 2014 Is the Year of the Booty

Sure, we were shocked to see Kim Kardashian‘s bare booty on the cover of Paper magazine’s Winter issue, a stunt pulled in an attempt to break the Internet. But we were less surprised, even delighted, to see the star’s re-creation of photographer Jean-Paul Goude’s “Champagne Incident” – a balancing act involving a protruding behind and a […]

32 Real Couples Who Gave Up Their Engagement Rings For Tattoos

When Behati Prinsloo revealed her engagement tattoo – three small dots that run vertically down her ring finger – we were surprised. She admitted to setting aside her diamond in order to get inked with husband Adam Levine, and frankly, we don’t know many girls who’d ditch jewelry for a love tat. But after careful consideration and […]