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Ditch the Parka For These Fancy-Occasion Coat Options

There’s a reason the fashion crowd looks forward to New Year’s Eve. The parties, the shiny accessories, the excuse to get dressed up – it’s all pretty exciting, to say the least. But when the dress code calls for anything but casual, finding a cozy and cute coat to go with your fancy ensemble can […]

Learn How to Tie a Tie!

Whether you want to add a little menswear vibe to your style, or your guy needs an extra set of hands tying his own, every girl should know how to tie a tie! So today, we’re showing you three different ways to tie your tie! From a casual four-in-hand knot to a semiformal half-Windsor knot, […]

20 Times the Back of the Star’s Dress Was Better Than the Front

We always look forward to seeing what our favorite stars wear on the red carpet. Being the fashion-obsessed girls that we are, we can’t help but analyze every little detail, from the earrings down to the shoes. But sometimes, just when we think we’ve got a handle on a star’s entire ensemble, she turns around, […]

Celebrity Tips on How to Take Your Best Selfie EVER!

Don’t lie, we know you take selfies, too! So, if you’re going to click away, you may as well get some tips on how to get the best shot . . . right? We think so – which is why we’ve enlisted the help of Coco Rocha, Chrissy Teigen, and more stylish celebrities. Welcome to […]

24 Hilarious, Real-Girl Fashion Quotes

While we definitely enjoy perusing pictures of must-have clothing, street style, and well-dressed babies via Instagram, we love us a good fashion quote. The best ones we’ve found are both relatable and funny, something that makes us nod in agreement and accidentally chuckle in a crowded room. Plus, we can’t forget the bits of wisdom […]

4 Ways to Get the Most Mileage Out of 1 Great Sweater!

One of our favorite parts of Fall and Winter is digging out our favorite knit sweaters. They’re an easy layering tool when the temperature drops, and they’re entirely versatile, so you can dress them up or down depending on the occasion. Today we’re taking you to Bleu boutique, where we’re showing you how to make […]

Justin Bieber Shows Off His Skateboarding Skills – in a Sweater Dress

Justin Bieber Shows Off His Skateboarding Skills – in a Sweater Dress comments via POPSUGAR Fashion