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Your Wedding-Guest Dilemmas Solved in 27 Dresses

Nobody wants to look inappropriately dressed at a wedding, nobody. But beyond the obvious don’t-wear-white rules, there are other issues to contend with. Too short? Too flashy? We’ve got you covered with 27 of our favorite dresses to wear to any Fall and Winter wedding. Think rich autumnal hues, gorgeous prints, and something for everyone, […]

23 Wedding Dress Pictures You’ll Regret Not Taking

If you’re like most of the brides we know, searching for the perfect dress was (or is) time-consuming, wonderful, and just a tad stressful. Since you’re only going to be wearing it once, make the most of your big day by taking all kinds of photos. While you’re working on a shot list to hand […]

10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

If we lived by Carrie Bradshaw’s rules, then we could never have too many shoes. Sometimes, we think that may be the case. However, we don’t have the budget (or closet space for that matter) to jump on every single trend. To make your wardrobe planning a little easier, we’ve zeroed in on the 10 […]

28 Cringeworthy Fashion Moments We Witnessed on Laguna Beach

Before they were designers or style setters, not even Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari were immune to the truly horrifying fashion of the early 2000s – and we have the footage to prove it. If you were to rewind to 2004 and binge-watch the shows that first made them famous, we’re betting the microminis, bandage […]

9 Style Tips For Girls With Small Busts

As most members of the itty-bitty committee well know, finding clothes that flatter smaller chests can oftentimes be a challenge. On one hand, you just want to wear what you want to wear – there’s no real harm in that, right? But on the other, not all tops were created equal: stuff can either look […]

What Different Diamond Sizes Look Like on Real-Girl Hands

Full disclosure: we’ve dreamt about our engagement ring – and the guy who will give it to us – for as long as we can remember. We’re fashion girls, after all. Sparkly diamonds, the excuse to buy the dress of our dreams, and all things wedding-related are pretty much our ultimate weakness. But when it […]

50 Shades of Lingerie to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

We know what you’re thinking: lingerie sets for Valentine’s Day, how groundbreaking. But if you’ve invested in a pretty, lacy underthing or two, then you know the confidence a push-up bra or a bootylicious pair of panties lends you. And frankly, we can’t think of a better time to feel bold than on Valentine’s Day. […]