Monthly Archives: December 2015

The Stylish Way to Pull Off the Athleisure Trend

You’ve seen it everywhere, even if you don’t know the name quite yet: athleisure. It’s a stylish spin on the comfy sportswear you slide into on the weekends. Yes, sneakers and leggings may be intended for exercise, but truthfully they look equally awesome when you’re totally sweat free. So, if you’re curious to give the […]

The Best Outfits We’ve Ever Worn –¬†According to Our SOs

Have you ever wondered what your SO actually thinks about your new flares? And what about when you’re getting ready for a dinner date, but you’re just not sure what dress will really bring the wow factor? It can be tough to create a look your partner loves and you’re into, too – and frankly, […]

17 Things You Probably Never Knew About Louis Vuitton

If you survived the logomania of the early 2000s, you know: there’s no monogram easier to recognize than Louis Vuitton. The brand’s signature LV has been spotted on bags carried by everyone from Paris Hilton to Angelina Jolie. But there’s so much more to the luxury label than its place on the arm of Hollywood’s […]

Why I’m Saying Goodbye to Supercomfy Clothes – and You Should, Too

If there’s one thing in this world I excel at, it’s being lazy. I’ve waited for the laundry basket to overflow before throwing clothes in the wash. I’ve canceled party plans in favor of sitting on the couch watching Netflix. I snooze my alarm, chill out in my towel, and have perfected the art of […]

12 Fashion Terms to Know If You Want to Master Style in 2016

Being a fashion girl is hard work. We keep up with all the latest trends, decide whether or not they’re for us – or perhaps if we wish to work them in our own unique way – and we keep a record of inspirational looks from celebs and bloggers alike. The struggle. Just kidding. Actually, […]

10 Trends From Your ’90s Childhood You Need to Start Wearing Again

We’ll admit it: childhood was not our most fashion-conscious era. With outfits chosen mostly by our moms, let’s just say we were not the coolest kids on the playground. But it’s funny how fashions change over time, because today, dusting off some of those same looks can make you the chicest woman in the room. […]

14 Comfy Shoes Every Fashion Girl Loves

When we first spot a heel we love on the foot of an It girl or fashion blogger, our first thought is that we want – no, need – it in our own closets. But soon, that lustful feeling fades, and in its place? The reality that those shoes are probably painful and most definitely […]