Monthly Archives: December 2016

For New Year’s Eve, All We Want to Wear Are Leggings (Obvi)

We’re saying it: you can absolutely wear leggings to all your holiday dinners with friends and the in-laws. With cool styles like leather and suede, leggings aren’t solely reserved for the gym anymore. In fact, we have the athleisure trend to thank for bringing these comfy bottoms back to all areas of our lives, even […]

38 Stars Who Have Festive Holiday Dressing on Lock

When the temperatures drop, the holidays begin, and the department store windows get a festive update, all we want to do is dress the part. We shrug on our cozy sweaters and pile on our hats and gloves. The stars, on the other hand, have red carpets to walk. We’re not saying we’re not busy […]

These Stars Gave “Free the Nipple” a Whole New Meaning in 2016 – and That’s a Good Thing

This year was less about “freeing” the nipple and more about just showing one if you wanted to. While stars like Miley Cyrus and Ireland Baldwin pushed for the cause in 2015, stripping down to promote the acceptance of nudity on social media, this year we saw a new direction. Women who have always felt […]

The Secret to Mastering Airport Style Lies in These 7 Items

You think you know what to wear to the airport, until it’s the night before your flight and you’re trying to put together an outfit that’s cozy and cool. The balance is hard to master which is why we’re constantly looking to stars who have effortlessly done it (Victoria Beckham) or bloggers who are an […]

These 12 Fashion Terms Are About to Trend All the Way Through 2017

Being a fashion girl is hard work. We keep up with all the latest trends, decide whether or not they’re for us – or perhaps if we wish to work them in our own unique way – and keep a record of inspirational looks from celebs and bloggers alike. The struggle. Just kidding. Actually, learning […]

The Ultimate Guide to Winter Wedding Dresses

For any bride, what to wear on wedding day is a major decision. But if you’re planning to say “I do” during the Winter, picking the right outfit is even more important. No bride wants to walk down the aisle shivering from the cold, which is why both the gown and accessories deserve careful consideration. […]

8 Universally Flattering Party Dresses to Wear This Holiday Season

When the holiday parties roll around, you can’t just put on any old thing. You’re going to be visiting old friends and family you haven’t seen in a while, many of which will scream, “Hey lady, let’s take a picture!” While your goal shouldn’t necessarily be to impress everyone in the room, you definitely want […]