A Solution to Every Bra-Fitting Problem You’ve Ever Had

I don’t know about you, but it’s rare that I slip into a bra and it fits me perfectly – I’m talking no gaps around the cup, straps pulled evenly, and underwire snug, but comfortable. But just because adjustments may have to be made, doesn’t mean your bra doesn’t fit.

We talked to lingerie expert Jenny Altman about all of the bra issues under the sun, and she had a hack for each one of them. Sometimes, a quick fix like “scooping” is the answer, but in other cases, it’s time to invest in new intimates. Scroll for a full list of common problems and read up on Jenny’s solutions, then shop her favorite picks on the market, and learn how to find your own bra size right at home.

If your bra feels a little off: The first thing you need to do each time you put on your bra is to scoop. Breast tissue tries to conceal itself as backfat, underarm fat, and spillage. Shift everything to where it belongs – in the cup!

If your bra is riding up in the back: The band is too big for you, so it’s not the right size.

If your bra straps are slipping off the shoulder: The band is too big – yep, this is a repeat answer. Most often, our bands are too big. They need to be snug in order for a bra to do its job.

If there are gaps in the cup: Scoop. If there is still space in the cup, try going down a cup size.

If the straps are too loose: This is another thing you need to adjust each time you put your bra on. Don’t assume the straps stayed exactly as you left them before you washed your bra or took it off. Adjust and wear them snug every time.

If you’re spilling over: If your girls are spilling on the top or the sides, then try a bigger cup size.

If your underwire is digging in: The “smile” of the underwire should fully encapsulate each breast. If it’s digging into your breast tissue at all, try sizing up in the cup. Sometimes this is about the bra style, and this particular silhouette might not be a good one for your breast shape.

If the wire pops out of your bra: Throw it away. If your bra is old, unsupportive, fraying, or the wires are popping out, throw it away. Shop for something that makes you feel great and is good quality.

If your bra hurts: Your bra should never hurt. Get a bra fitting or do one for yourself. Most women suffer because they don’t know how good the right fitting bra can feel. Almost always, women have to go down a size in the band (or two) and up a size in the cup (or two).

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