In the Words of Stella Maxwell, Becoming a VS Angel Felt Hashtag “Blessed”

You can spot Stella Maxwell in a room right away. The Victoria’s Secret model stands at 5’9″, carries an air of confidence like most stars do, and isn’t afraid to be herself. This was apparent when she was willing to sweat it out with the rest of us in a Ballet Beautiful class. In the middle of doing crunches and arabesques, I momentarily forgot I was in the presence of a celebrity (probably because I was too busy trying to stay coordinated), and after the group workout, Stella casually mingled with the crowd.

When I had the chance to chat with her, it was an easygoing conversation. We talked about her becoming an Angel, athleisure style, and sneakers. Speaking of which, Stella’s favorite pair just so happens to be Vans, aka the It sneaker every fashion girl’s already wearing. (So if you thought you had nothing in common with the model, you might at least have the same taste in shoes.) Stella’s pretty much your average cool chick except, well, she’s got a whopping 2.8 million Instagram followers, she dates actress Kristen Stewart, and, oh yes, she’s a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

via POPSUGAR Fashion


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