The 1 Turtleneck Gigi Hadid Will Not Take Off, No Matter the Season

“Gigi Hadid will not take off this turtleneck,” New York-based designer Stephanie Rad told me as she walked me through her line of neutral basics. As soon as I reached out to touch the ivory sweater, I knew why. It was butter soft and just oversize enough, providing that slouchy I’d-sleep-in-this fit. Stephanie wasn’t lying. Gigi travels around the world, from New York to Milan, in the piece – and she even lounges in it at home.

While you can trust Gigi Hadid’s closet staples to be of good quality, a handful of other stars and models are shopping the same ones from Stephanie’s collection. And here’s the thing about her line of blazers, trousers, and simple dresses: they’re versatile, with a twist.

One of my favorite things about Stephanie’s clothes is the mixed-metal hardware she finishes them with. The buttons on her jackets are silver and gold, and even her zippers are two-toned. It provides an extra glimmer for these looks, and it’s become Stephanie’s signature. If you need further convincing that Stephanie Rad is worth splurging on – for ridiculously elevated, well-tailored wardrobe necessities – read on to see all her celebrity fans and the designs they’re rocking.

via POPSUGAR Fashion


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