Serious Question: Should You Wear Socks in Bed?

I have the faintest memories of wearing socks to bed whenever I came down with a fever or got the chills at night when I was younger. My mother had the habit of turning down the heat when we slept and, as someone who gets cold easily, socks were the quickest solution to warming me up. This all ended abruptly one night when my mom caught me wearing a pair to bed. She claimed it was bad for my health (she had read about it in a book) and demanded I take them off before sleeping. My parents are very health conscious and being a kid and all, I obliged and didn’t question her reasoning. After that, I hardly ever wore socks to bed and forgot about the incident altogether, until a few days ago. I had read someone else’s conundrum surrounding this very same topic and my childhood memories came flooding back to me.

Is the simple act of wearing socks to bed such a big deal?

I had to find a logical, scientific explanation to this. No fashion question is ever too dumb or unimportant to ask – at least, that’s what I was telling myself as I searched – and I felt validated when numerous posts popped up with other people wondering the same thing. I wasn’t alone. The short answer to the question is: yes, wearing socks to bed is completely fine. In fact (for the insomniacs out there), it might even help you fall asleep faster. Heating up cold feet causes your blood vessels to dilate, which can signal the brain that it’s time for bed. In other words, your feet regulate external temperature, so if you’re feeling cold, slip on a pair of socks. If you’re feeling hot, simply take them off for a better night’s rest. It’s all about listening to what your body needs.

Although you should always wear clean socks to bed to prevent bacteria from collecting, there is nothing unhealthy about wearing your favorite fuzzy pair to sleep. I’m not only presenting these findings to my mom ASAP tonight, but I’m also buying new socks that I’ll happily wear to sleep whenever I want.

via POPSUGAR Fashion


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