Victoria Beckham’s Colorblock Look Is So Bright, It Just Might Leave You Blinded

We’re pretty used to seeing Victoria Beckham sporting relatively muted colors, whether it’s one of her many little black dresses or her flawless neutral looks when she hits the airport. So it’s safe to say our jaws all but hit the floor when she was recently spotted in a color-block outfit that’s so bright, it just might leave you blinded.

The fashion mogul mixed two eye-catching colors, donning a long-sleeved tangerine top and pair of expertly tailored lime-green pants. (Talk about an unexpected combination, especially from the queen of all-black outfits!) At first glance, we couldn’t help but notice that she sort of looked like an upside-down carrot. But hey, maybe vegetable-inspired fashion is about to be the next big trend this Summer (ha, kidding). All produce-related jokes aside, there’s no denying these two hues are nearly impossible to seamlessly mix into one wearable outfit. Naturally, Victoria rocks it with ease, finishing the ensemble with her go-to mules and a camel jacket.

Read on for a closer look at her head-turning outfit, which is sure to inspire you to ditch the neutrals and go bold every now and then.

via POPSUGAR Fashion


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