25 Times Kim Changed Her Outfit – and Kanye Wore His Sweatshirt

As a music icon, budding designer, and pop culture fixture, Kanye West has accomplished a lot in his career. But there may be no professional feat quite so noteworthy as his epic makeover of wife Kim Kardashian. We firmly believe that Kanye is the man behind each and every one of her high-fashion looks, and every time Kim steps out in Balmain, Lanvin, or Balenciaga to sit front row, stroll around Paris, or just snap a selfie, we have to give Kanye credit.

We’re also starting to suspect that dressing Kim must be even more exhausting than keeping up with her outfits, because while she’s all dolled up, it’s come to our attention that Kanye is just the opposite. For every skintight pencil skirt or belly-baring crop top Kim gets zipped into, Kanye’s chilling in a casual sweatshirt. Here, relive all the times that Kim changed her designer duds and Kanye happily wore his hoodie.

via POPSUGAR Fashion http://ift.tt/2hyrsFO


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