I Found a Pair of Denim Shorts to Make Me Love Cutoffs Again

As much as I love to shed the layers when the temperature rises, denim shorts are my greatest fear. Like everyone, there are little things I don’t love about my body, and my legs are two of those little things. They really are little – I’m only 5’1″, and yes, like many women, I have cellulite and stretch marks. Depending on the cutoffs that I’m wearing, these imperfections are more or less visible and I might feel more or less confident in my own skin.

But just because I’m wary doesn’t mean I’m going to sweat my ass off in jeans when it’s 90 degrees. Being the brave, adventurous, optimistic editor that I am (at least five people who read this will shake their heads and laugh when they see I called myself optimistic), I was determined to find shorts I liked. Because the truth is, even though I can be negative at times, I’m optimistic about fashion. And I do believe that there’s denim out there for everyone, whether it’s cropped or not.

You might not have the same body type as me and you might not be inclined to choose the same wash or the same material, but that’s why I’m breaking down the details about four very specific short styles I tried. All of them were great – honest! But after I slipped into designs by Madewell, Zara, Mother, and Frame, I immediately knew which brand I liked best and which brand made me feel most comfortable. Read on for a rundown, see all different angles of these Daisy Dukes on me, and even though it makes me self-conscious, you can even check out my ass! (At least, now that I’m back in shorts, it won’t be sweaty.)

via POPSUGAR Fashion http://ift.tt/2q3Y8w2


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