Let’s Settle the Whole “Can You Wear Red to a Wedding?” Thing Once and For All, Shall We?

If you’re on the wedding circuit, you’ve probably asked – or maybe been asked – this question more than a couple times: can you wear red to a wedding? The short answer is a resounding yes. Why not? The only real color that’s traditionally off limits is anything white, ecru, cream, ivory – you get the picture. Still, red’s gotten a bad rap since it’s, well, bold and bright and maybe a little too attention-getting. And, there’s the old Jessica Rabbit comparison to contend with.

That said, red done right is cheery and festive – and a lot of brides are happy to see their guests embracing beautiful color (it happens to look great in wedding photos, too). I, for one, got more compliments on a red Self-Portrait dress I wore to a wedding than anything I’ve ever worn to weddings before or since. Just stick to some simple dress code guidelines, and like any other outfit you’d choose, make sure your red dress isn’t too short, overexposed, or too casual for the event – and you’ll get noticed for all of the right reasons.

via POPSUGAR Fashion http://ift.tt/2qBgB2M


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