When You’re Not a Size 2 but Still Need Shorts For Summer

No matter what size you are, shopping for shorts before Summer can be a hassle. Luckily our friends at Man Repeller have come up with these helpful tips to keep in mind when you’re shopping for your body type.

You may recall from past memories of Summer that by the time heat rises above a comfortably warm 80 degrees, that whole let’s-sit-outside-in-the-sunniest-spot thing is exchanged for f*ck, it’s hot, and I am sweating.

You may also recall that we previously spoke about how fashion, like the weather, isn’t always the most accommodating. Where one person’s idea of heaven is a heatwave and a pair of denim underwear, another claims this exact scenario as their textbook idea of hell.

The reality of “Summer dressing” is that in general, it tends to be rather naked. And if you are over a size sample and have any sort of wiggle in your step, dimple in your thigh, or friction as you glide, then you know – you know (and I know!) – that shorts can run a series of Sunday Scaries down the spine.

But Katie Sturino of the 12ish Style/momager of Toast is here to prove that shorts don’t have to be scary. In fact, they can be your wardrobe’s new friends. Just follow her guide.

Get Waisted

High-waisted shorts are really flattering – don’t be scared of them.

Watch the Length

The point of shorts is that they’re short; you’re avoiding pants for a reason. If you have thighs, however, the longer the shorts, the better. This eliminates chafing (chub rub) and that annoying thing where your shorts rise up as you’re walking and make it look like you have a solid-sized penis.

Embrace the Width

If you can find shorts that create an A-line silhouette and skirt out a bit at the thigh, go for them. This style not only provides Summer ventilation but flatters fuller thighs.

Color Choice Is Personal

I’m a prints person, but I like to stick to solid-colored shorts, either white or black. Blue denim shorts don’t work for me – they add two sizes to my look, so I’ve made peace with avoiding them.

Fall into The Gap

Gap shorts are my favorite. They’re easy, basic, and cheap.

Do: a wedge – even a low one. They make legs look so good.

But If You Do Sneakers . . .

To avoid instant camp counselor vibes (you know that tennis shoes and long-shorts look) I like to wear a silk top or add chunky accessories.

Don’t Leave Home in Shorts Without . . .

Swiping your skin with a Gold Bond antichafe stick. It’s the best $6 you’ll ever spend.

Embrace Athleisure For Errands

This is more of a tip for skirts, but it saves lives: if I’m really running around, aka walking over 10K steps on my FitBit, I wear shiny biker shorts because they produce less friction than the cotton ones.

Regarding Cellulite

I’ve stopped caring. It’s a normal part of life/bodies. It’s just not on my list of things to worry about. Everyone has it and no one is looking at yours. Life is too short for that business. Summer is even shorter.

via POPSUGAR Fashion http://ift.tt/2tLLP8V


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