I Finally Gave Mom Jeans a Try, and I Have to Admit, I Didn’t Hate Them

Like most people, I basically live in jeans. From skinny jeans to ankle-length baby blues, I pride myself on trying (and loving) all styles except one: mom jeans. With its superhigh waist, loose crotch, and tapered legs, this style just never seemed that appealing to me. First of all, I have hips, so I tend to stick to jeans that I know will look good on my body, and second, they’re called “mom jeans” – not exactly the most compelling selling point.

But since the ’90s are making a comeback and countless fashion girls can’t get enough of them, I figured what the heck, let’s give this trend a try. (Worst-case scenario, I’ll just tell everyone I was trying to reenact the infamous SNL skit where Tina Fey and Amy Poehler prance around in hilariously bad jeans.) So, with this mission in mind, I slipped into a pair of vintage-hued DSTLD Mom Jeans ($105) to see what all the hype was about.

Much to my surprise, when I wore the jeans, I realized there’s nothing really “mom-like” about this style. Contrary to popular belief, these high-waisted jeans didn’t make me look frumpy or give me a flat butt. In fact, the stretchy texture hugged my curves perfectly, while the rips around the knees made the style look less outdated. Since I’m not a fan of tapered-leg jeans, I cuffed the bottoms to give them a more contemporary feel. Scroll on to see how I styled the jeans for three different occasions: everyday wear, brunch, and date night.

via POPSUGAR Fashion http://ift.tt/2rMnYBO


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