When Nina Dobrev Wants to Highlight Her Tan, She Wears This Specific Swimsuit

Nina Dobrev is what you call a fashion chameleon. She has a fun, feminine style – just take a look at her red-carpet history – but can easily transform into a sporty, fitness girl too. I experienced this firsthand when I chatted with her at the Reebok x Les Mills event where Nina hosted not one but two workouts. The star was dressed in Reebok gear (I was eyeing her Ultra 4.0 Les Mills sneakers) and couldn’t have looked cooler if she tried.

Though we talked about health, fitness, and her girl squad, what I really wanted to know about was Nina’s taste in swimsuits. If you follow her travels and Summer style, you know she’s worn every bikini under the sun. Luckily, the star was game to answer, divulging this little tidbit:

“I usually like bold colors,” she said. “Especially in the Summer if I’m tan, because then I can pull off a more drastic color. But honestly, as a woman, depending on how you’re feeling, depending on what you ate the night before or how active you’ve been that week, [the swimsuit] will either be a long sleeve or it will be a crop top, midriff baring [bikini]. It just depends on how I’m feeling.”

If you scroll through Nina’s Instagram (like I did hours later), you’ll find she is true to her word. She goes for the boldest printed bikinis and rocks them with confidence. You can’t miss her toned, bronzed abs either, thanks in part to her active lifestyle. Get a taste of Nina’s favorite swimsuits below and then scoop up similar versions.

via POPSUGAR Fashion http://ift.tt/2uNHkdj


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