You Can Just Call This Dress Melania Trump’s Summer Uniform

For many women in the public eye, it helps to develop a trustworthy, flattering uniform, or at the very least, a power color. Ladies like the Duchess of Cambridge and British Prime Minister Theresa May keep it simple, Kate sticking to coat dresses more often than not and Theresa May opting for fitted skirt suits. But it took a minute for us to discover Melania Trump’s go-to outfit – perhaps she had been distracting us with over-the-top designer statement pieces and a few custom numbers by stylist Herv√© Pierre.

But after she posted a photo of herself alongside the White House interns in this ivory dress, we’ve finally arrived at Melania’s chosen silhouette: a Michael Kors Collection sheath. The FLOTUS wore the exact same piece during the primary election at Trump Towers, and when she greeted Panama’s president and first lady, she wore a powder blue variation with three rows of buttons at the sides. If we didn’t know any better, we’d say Melania has found her dress match in a formfitting Michael Kors Collection look. Read on for the proof.

via POPSUGAR Fashion


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