We Popped the Question: Are Birkenstocks Still in Style?

“Are Birkenstocks still in style? I need a flat sandal that’s actually comfortable,” my friend texted me the other day. And that got me thinking: are Birkenstocks stylish? Would I recommend that you invest in a pair by the OG double-buckle, foot-hugging shoe brand? Absolutely. Because while Birkenstocks had their big moment years ago, fashion girls are still wearing the slides with everything from minidresses and baseball caps for brunch to romantic, long dresses on vacation.

Only, they’re not all by Birkenstock. Just like any widely accepted trend, you can find it in so many places. Prada’s velvet-and-leather design looks so similar to a Birk, it’s crazy. But the same goes for Marni’s two-toned flats and Zara’s speckled shoes. Scroll for a variety of different versions (Birkenstock included) that I’d recommend for any gal who wants to master that laid-back, sporty look this Summer in a pair of slip-ons.

via POPSUGAR Fashion http://ift.tt/2s7TZVE


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