Olivia Palermo Still Collects the Same Designer Bag as Carrie Bradshaw

When Meli Melo Creative Director Melissa Del Bono approached Olivia Palermo to come up with two custom shades for the brand’s new Severine bag, Olivia knew exactly which colorways to add to the line. “Whenever I look at a bag – especially transitioning into Fall – I’m always looking for rich, Fall colors, so I think adding a nice white can help you play with beiges and neutral tones for a monochrome look, whereas burgundy is obviously more of a Fall feel,” Olivia told us.

The Severine, which is so delicate and pretty it could pass for a bracelet, also comes in Liquorice Black, Poppy Red, and Primrose Pink and retails for $807 at both Meli Melo and OliviaPalermo.com. Olivia models the different styles beautifully in the campaign shots, which you can admire when you read on. Even more importantly, you’ll find out what Olivia looks for when shopping for a bag, what she packs in her own pouches, and the one designer satchel she’s been collecting for years. (Clue: Carrie Bradshaw‘s also a fan).

via POPSUGAR Fashion http://ift.tt/2uipe4U


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