Ashley Graham Has a Replacement For the Term “Plus-Size” – So Please Use It

Who – we mean, really, WHO?! – would not want to dress Ashley Graham for the Met Gala? Not only is she a lovely person, hilarious, and easy to work with (Trust me, I hung out with Ashley at my own office), but she is also beautiful and has noteworthy taste.

In 2017, she showed up to the ball in one of our favorite looks of the night: a red curve-hugging H&M dress, covered with floral appliqué. She knew exactly what to do with her hair (slicked back to show off the elements of the dress), and she wore her outfit with confidence. But Ashley was held back from the event in 2016 – though she had already become a prominent figure in the industry – simply because no one would dress her.

She revealed this to NY Magazine in a profile that appears in the August 2017 issue, but it’s not the only quote that stuck with us when we read the feature. Ahead, you’ll find Ashley’s replacement term for “plus-size,” how she feels about being famous for the number in her jeans, and why she thinks she’s one of the only models in a minority group to skyrocket to fame.

via POPSUGAR Fashion


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