They are worth millions of pounds, and kept secure in the vaults under Buckingham Palace. They represent love, power, and intrigue. Their beauty is famed and their history is unique – one was nearly lost to a royal mistress, one was the subject of investigation, and another has links to ancient history. They are the […]

If you’ve ever promised yourself you’d wake up early only to snooze five different alarms and stumble out of bed last minute, we feel you. Waking up can be rough – but not quite as rough as getting dressed on mornings like these. Nothing looks right (were you insane when you bought that top?!), clothes […]

It’s not every day we peel our eyes away from a stunning wedding dress to “ooh” and “ahh” over what the bridesmaids wore, but looking at photos from Annabelle Caufman Soudavar and Maximilian Moehlmann’s big day, that’s exactly what happened. While the bride’s classic Carolina Herrera was no doubt breathtaking – especially when the lacy, […]

One major perk of being a princess? A stunning engagement ring, likely passed down through generations, sitting atop your royal finger. Kate Middleton’s Ceylon sapphire alone spawned tons of knockoffs, and she’s not the only one with a superfancy accessory. There are plenty of princesses, queens, and countesses with engagement rings we’d happily accept (given, […]

If we’re not watching the runway at Fashion Week, that’s probably because we’ve got our eye on Olivia Palermo. With every appearance, the fashion pro supplies new styling tricks, sometimes just the way she’s nonchalantly half-tucked a shirt or draped a jacket over her shoulders. This season, she’s maintained her quintessential mastery of high-low dressing […]

Fashion Week street style is meant to turn heads, but when you’re an editor with a busy schedule, running from show to show, you have to consider what’s practical, too. Our team hit the ground in NYC with a lineup of looks that check both boxes: a high-low mix of stylish outfits and plenty of […]

Designers have been slowly moving away from the conventional Fashion Week format with their see-now, buy-now collections. Thanks to brands like Burberry, Rebecca Minkoff, and Tommy Hilfiger, you no longer have to wait months to buy your favorite pieces. And this season, they have provided us with plenty of Fall looks to stock up on. […]